Saturday, April 14, 2012

Castles of the Rhineland

Here are some new slides of my last trip to Europe.  These trips to Europe have been an inspiration to me in practice as an architect ever since.

This collection is from my boat trip up the Rhine during a trip in October.  A side benefit to traveling this time of year is that many of the small towns along the Rhine are having their wine festivals and October Fest.

Ich in Deutschland

The boat tour started in the city of Koblenz and proceeded upstream past small medieval walled towns to the Castle Marksburg atop a the steep hill on the left.  We walked up that hill and took a tour of the fortress.  One can understand why they chose this spot.

The Marksberg from the river
The Marksberg

The Marksberg, The Blacksmith's Forge

The Marksberg, Inside the Knights Chamber

Continuing up the river once again one sees even more beautiful churches, walled towns with turrets and ancient fortresses some dating back to the time of the Romans.  It was at the city of Koblenz where
Caesar built his famous bridge across the Rhine in order to invade Germany and defeat the German tribes (Nice Try).

As the day comes to an end I had a chance to photograph several of the old castles in silhouette.

These two bothers had to build a wall between their two castles.  Who says you can't choose your relatives.
A typical German church built from local stone with a slate roof.

Old Roman Watchtower

The Castle Rheinfels from the river.

View of the ruins of Castle Rheinfells demolished by Napoleons forces.

The Castle Rheinfels.

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I spent the night a hostel on top of the hill above the town of Oberwessel.  The next morning I was greeted with these superb views at 7:30 in the morning.  

This restaurant was built in 1638.  The food was excellent!
Details of the leaded glass and half timber construction

Gate at rear of town from inside the walls.

Gate at rear of town.

Note the vineyards.

Ja, it leans to the left.

These Weisenheimers decided it would be a good idea to stretch a chain across the Rhine and charge a toll.   An old Roman fort sits on the hill beyond.
Nice place, but probably a bit damp

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  1. Your third photo is my favorite. The height is clear, but some detail of the long wall is visible in the light.